Ghana Elections 2016: Amplifying Oil & Elections Issues


Ghana is preparing for another keenly contested election come 7th December, 2016 while citizens await to exercise their franchise based on policies and issue based manifestoes. However oil and gas governance is another significant issue for civil society groups, economists, stakeholders and citizens who have over the years debated on the poor management of oil revenues.

Since the production of oil and gas in commercial quantities in 2010, the country has bagged an amount of over three billion dollars as its total revenue. A lot of questions have been raised on what these revenues have been used for and the impact it had on citizen livelihoods. These questions have not been fully probed due to the inability of citizens and media to question the appropriate authorities for the right answers. Issues identified as reasons accounting to the inability of the media and citizen includes lack of advocacy and media push to promote oil and gas issues in the electoral discourse, lack of amplified political parties’ policy position on the management of the oil and gas sector and low citizens input to inform electoral decision making across the country. Penplusbytes with support from Ghana Oil and Gas for Inclusive Growth (GOGIG) is initiating a project called ‘amplifying Oil & Elections Issues’ to heighten awareness of and strengthen responsiveness to oil and gas governance issues in Ghana.

The Policy Compass has enjoyed the support of International IDEA, including also its expertise in creating Voter Advice Applications.


Project Objectives

The project aim is:

  • To advocate for citizens’ engagements on Oil and Gas issues through awareness creation and sensitization.
  • To provide issue based campaigning by promoting an oil and gas campaign agenda through Media Engagement and Dialogue.


Project Activities

The project will use the following activities to achieve its objective:

  • Engage with editors, senior journalists and key industry stakeholders in discussing latest trends and developments in the oil and gas sector using dialogues, forums and workshops.
  • Create awareness about the main issue pertaining in the oil and gas sector that citizens and the media should engage people who are seeking public office using a Vote compass.
  • Strengthen the relevant policies in the oil and gas sector which will have the most impact on citizens through a concerted media campaign, online, mobile and social media drive.



The Amplifying Oil & Elections Issues project will go a long way toward increasing Transparency and good governance over the extractive sector and revenue in Ghana for development.

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